Terms Conditions

The Parties unequivocally agrees that this Agreement constitute a legally binding agreement between the Parties, and that the SAME shall be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and conditions applicable to any service that is provided by the SPAY Technology Private Limited.

By accepting this Agreement the Parties represent that they are in compliance with all laws as may be required for the purposes of this Agreement and agrees that it shall pay the stamp duty and if any penalty or legal costs or any other charges are paid by any of the Parties for the stamping and registration of any of the this Agreement or any supplement or addition thereto or any other additional documents, pay to such the amount thereof with interest at the rate stipulated by the relevant Party;

The Parties agree to do all such further and other things, execute and deliver all such additional documents, to give full effect to the terms of this Agreement. The Parties undertake that they will do or procure to be done all such further acts and things, execute or procure the execution of all such other documents and exercise all rights and powers, direct and indirect, available to it in relation to any Person so as to ensure the complete and punctual fulfillment, observance and performance of the provisions of this Agreement and generally that full effect is given to the provisions of this Agreement.